Unfinished Tales in Middle-earth

Unfinished Tales is a series of independent short campaigns that explore Middle-earth beyond the the War of the Ring. The campaigns use the 5e rules, a customised take on generic D&D 5e rules.

Individual campaigns are closed with fellowships of characters formed before their start.

The East Wind Rises

In the South, King Minardil lies in the Hallows after the ransack of Pelargir. His kin are at his side, stricken by the Great Plague that ravages Gondor. The White Tree withers.

In the North, the Shadow grows deep in Eryn Galen. Tharbad stands silent, its garrisons emptied by the invisible affliction like the lands south of the Baranduin.

Between the mounds of Tyrn Gorthad and the trees of the Old Forest, the last remnants of the Dúnedain of Cardolan hold out against the Wights from Angmar as they are wiped out by the illness. Pyres brighten the nights.

It is the year T.A. 1638 and you still cling to hope. A cure can be found, if you truly believe the old songs.

Escape from the Haven of Umbar

Lost in the mists of time are the golden days of Hyarmendacil, when no enemy dared to contest the power of Gondor. The kings of the Harad did homage to Gondor back then, and their sons lived as hostages in the court of the Ship-Kings.

Centuries have come and gone since the Kin-strife, when much of the best blood in Gondor was shed in fratricidal conflict and the Usurper’s sons fled to Umbar with most of Gondor’s armada. For more than three hundred years their descendants have turned the city into a refuge for all enemies of the King, a lordship independent of the crown ruled by ruthless corsairs with the support of Haradrims, casting its shadow over the contested region of Harondor.

One hundred and sixty-four years have passed since the corsairs from Umbar ravaged Peralgir and slew King Minardil. The Great Plague has claimed countless lives and King Telemnar and his children succumbed to it too. The White Tree planted by Isildur has died with them. Osgiliath has been abandoned and remains empty.

During the long reign of King Tarondor the kingdom’s gaze has been fixed inwards. From Minas Anor he has strived to endure and rebuild. At the cost of an uncertain future, Gondor has carved a more stable present for itself under his rule. Up until now, that is.

It is the year 1798 TA. Life events and duty have brought you to the haven of Umbar. Loyal to the King in Minas Anor you have spent time hidden in the midst of Gondor’s fiercest enemies. Silently you have watched and cunningly you have listened. Finally you have learnt information that can alter the fate of the House of Anárion.

Will you warn Gondor in time or will you die trying?

Closed Campaign

Each short campaign in this series will feature the same character party throughout. New players might exceptionally get a spot in case of dropouts from the campaign.

Online Campaign

This campaign is played online using Foundry VTT.

Adventures in Middle-earth

This is a 5e compatible adaptation of Cubicle 7’s The One Ring RPG.