Keeping The Lights On

Organising more than a dozen games each week, and maintaining an active Discord server with over 400 members, on top of and a further 2,500 members on Meetup, takes time and money. London RPG Community has grown a lot in the last few years and we’ve expanded to include all sorts of tools and volunteers to help organise and run games (as well as tools for GMs to use online). To maintain this we ask that our members, those who play games with us, donate when and how they can.

This is not a fee-based group, all games are free to play and we strive to keep it that way. It is the generosity of many that allows us to cater for everyone that we can.

This link goes to LRC’s PayPal account, which is operated by Matthew Wilkin, one of our organisers. If the link takes you elsewhere, please let an admin know ASAP.

You can also find us on these social platforms: