Systems Check

Systems Check is LRC’s RPG Spotlight programme.

It started in early 2019 with a few taster sessions of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition being organised between a couple of GMs (or “Keeper of Arcane Lore”) as it was a very popular and highly requested RPG, and Systems Check grew from there.

The core difference for a Systems Check game to a general RPG one-shot is (hopefully) in the discussion about the system and/or setting that comes from running the game.

It also helps that often we can also use and promote RPG Quickstart documents too, to make GMs’ lives easier as they’re usually freely available. For example, in 2020 a session of Kids on Bikes was run but instead of running a selected one-shot, the time was used to go through the free PDF booklet, discussing the rules together, with a planned follow up game.

Anyone is welcome to join a Systems Check session, and all sessions are beginner-friendly. Please join our Discord server to play and reach out to the GM when you sign up for a session.

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