The Secrets of Dolan Springs

Dolan Springs is a small town in Northern Maine. It has a thriving main street, a quaint little inn, and more secrets than citizens. All is shrouded by the expansive Nipaset Forest. Throughout the years, mysterious things have happened: workers entering the silver mine never to return, singing from the forest that may drive you mad, turning on to a highway that never ends. These things happens in waves, unpredictable and unrelenting. You are lucky enough to be in Dolan Springs during one of these strange goings-on. Can you solve the mystery? Will you uncover the secrets of Dolan Springs?

This will be an on-going campaign told in 3-session arcs. Each arc will take place in a different time period.

Wicked & Weird (1990s)

It was another resplendent fourth of July in Dolan Springs: Oldtown was packed with eager party goers, main street was full of vendors selling memorabilia, and fireworks could be seen above the distant Aurora Lake. A truly spendid night for everyone except Jessica Fuentes. Jessica’s parents tucked her into bed that night and found her missing the next morning. The whole town is absolutely abuzz with what may have happened to little Jessie. Can you solve this mystery?

Twisted & Tainted (1920s)

The silver mine has kept Dolan Springs prosperous for over a century. But recently its veins have begun to run dry. The owner is getting desperate, leading to greater risks for very little reward. Tunnels are collapsing, men are going missing. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg… Can you unearth what waits within the deep, dark tunnels?

Evil & Eerie (1950s)

It’s a special week for Dolan Springs. It’s Homecoming of course! Big parade through the center of town followed by a football game against our rivals, the Aurora Comets. But the whole thing might need to be put on hold. The homecoming King and Queen went missing after last night’s dance. Have the comets pulled an elaborate prank and kidnapped the star quarterback and head cheerleader? Or has something far more ominous taken place?

Uncanny & Unnatural (2010s)

March 8th, 2012 marks 50 year anniversary of the infamous Bobcat killings. The local TV and radio ads constantly remind citizens to attend the memorial service in town hall.

But the promise of somber music and a community potluck is greatly overshadowed by the copycat murders that have cropped up. At first, people just assumed some rabid wildlife had wandered too far from the woods. But then the deaths kept happening. Always the same evidence at the scene. The police could no longer blame it on an act of nature or a coincidence.

Someone is having their very own commemoration of the tragic killings. Can you stop them before it’s too late?

Suspicious & Sinister (1980s)

August 1st, 1988 marks the hottest day in Maine on record during what locals are calling “hell week”. Anything cold in the grocery store sold out before 10. Aurora lake is at capacity and turning away new visitors. Not that driving is advisable. Several cars attempted to leave town and found themselves stuck on the highway, engines overheating. In fact, leaving town on this scorcher has been particularly difficult. And even when you work up the energy to do so, it’s just too hot to move.

The sun shines blindingly in the sky. The heat haze obscures all. And there’s no relief. And no end in sight.

Fiendish & Foul (2020s)

The destruction at the Mall marked the beginning of over a decade of violent strangeness in Dolan Springs. The small town was plagued by sudden disappearances, peculiar visitations, and forest that has grown in both size and darkness. The town has also grown. 2023 Dolan Springs is at its most bustling. More people means more witnesses to the truth. Or perhaps, this little town has reached its limits.

Archived Campaign

This campaign is finished.

Open Campaign

This campaign is opened to new players between scenarios. Anyone is welcome to join a scenario of this campaign, and all scenarios are beginner friendly. Please take the time to log into discord and say hi to your GM and fellow players when you sign up, and reach out to the GM to get your character created before the game starts.

Online Campaign

This campaign is played online using Roll20.

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