Throne of Thorns

Since long before the arrival of Korinthia and her subjects, the land north of the Titans was home to a motley array of creatures with diverse customs and complicated relationships to one another. The arrival of the Ambrians destroyed this precarious balance.

The core tensions run between Ambrians and the Elder Folk with the barbarians caught in between, but there are lots of individuals who do not fit that mould: Ambrians who join the elves in their ambition to keep Davokar in peace; barbarians, elves, changelings and ogres who have made their homes in Ambria.

Dare the high pass and explore the lands north of the Titan Mountains, where fertile plains await and the vastness of the Davokar forest lies!

The Throne of Thorns is an open campaign in the lands of Symbaroum that uses the official 5e conversion ruleset Ruins of Symbaroum plus our own homebrew content.

Create your own level 1 character or use one of the pregens. I’m also happy to discuss races and classes beyond the current ruleset.

The Throne of Thorns campaign prompt cover page

A brief introduction to The Throne of Thorns campaign and the world of Symbaroum in general, including character creation steps to join the campaign in play.

Our homebrew content, containing additional races, subclasses, spells, and items converted from the Symbaroum Player’s Guide and Advanced Player’s Guide.

Open Campaign
Anyone is welcome to join a scenario of this campaign. Please join our Discord server and say hi to your GM and fellow players when you sign up, and reach out to the GM to get your character created before the scenario starts.

Ruins of Symbaroum is the official Dungeons & Dragons 5e conversion of the dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum. The campaign uses this ruleset as its core plus our own homebrew content.

Cover art by Martin Grip for Järnringen/Free League Publishing