Kantas Expanse

If you’ve ever heard of Baldur’s Gate, of Neverwinter or Waterdeep, then you are familiar with the continent of Faerûn, or as it is sometimes known, the Forgotten Realms. The Kantas Expanse concerns another continent far from the Forgotten Realms, however; one which until recently was completely unknown to the denizens of Faerûn, or indeed any other land on Toril. This mysterious continent is known by its denizens as Kantas. It has remained hidden from all others by virtue of a few strange features of the land. More research needs to be done, but suffice to say it is one of the great mysteries of the continent—just what is it and how did it come to exist?

This is our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign, which is open to new players, set on a new continent in the familiar Forgotten Realms setting. Our homebrew twist to a classic has been adapted especially for you, busy Londoners! We run multiple Kantas games every week in central London (currently all games run online through Discord). While the sessions are all one-shots, every storyline happens in the same setting and is connected to the rest of the games by an overarching plot. It is just like a long-running campaign except you don’t need to commit to coming every week. You can bring the same character to any (level appropriate) Kantas game and enjoy character progression, levelling up, and playing with a (slightly) different group of people each time.

The Kantas Expanse: A Player's Guide Cover

An outline of The Kantas Expanse; campaign setting, history, custom rules, and character creation steps to join the campaign in play.

Sounds fun! How do I join a game?

If you are a newcomer to our campaign, you are eligible for the First Timer Boost – a priority booking. You need to start in Kantas with a Beginner Friendly session regardless of previous experience in RPGs.

You can request this boost from any of our Kantas Dungeon Masters, where you’ll be contacted when a Beginner Friendly session becomes available.

Alternatively, you can go through our Meetup page and find any event that has tags [Kantas] and [Beginner-Friendly] and just tick ‘Attending’. Also of course do show up if you mark yourself as attending Sometimes games are full but despair not! Click ‘Join waiting list’ anyway. You will be put on the waitlist and it is not uncommon for spots to open a couple of days before the game. For help with character creation, how to sign up to games after your first time and much more please read the Player’s Guide to the Kantas Expanse.

The Forum

Our active forum is used to interact with other players between games in-character in a few ways. Firstly, it’s used to pre-book games before they go live on Meetup using ‘Rumours’. Once you sign up to a ‘Rumour’ on the forum (they go live at noon Saturdays), you will be added to the respective Meetup event automatically when it’s released online (usually Sundays). Second, another fantastic section on the forum is ‘Session Write Ups’, where you can write a summary of the session you’ve played for everyone’s enjoyment. This helps us keep track of what happens, acts as a creative outlet for players and you get rewards when you do it!

The Wiki

It sounds like this game has been going on for a while. I want to know all of the lore that happened before! We are glad you asked. Write Ups by players are great, but there is also a wiki for most of the main locations and NPCs in Kantas, including a timeline of major events written by Kantas Worldbuilders.

Open Campaign
Anyone is welcome to join a session of this game as long as it is marked [Beginner-Friendly]. Please join our Discord server and say hi to your DMs and fellow players when you sign up, and reach out to Kantas DMs to get your character created before the game starts.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
This campaign uses the official core Forgotten Realms setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Drawing on over forty years of history, D&D lets you create mighty heroes to battle monsters, solve puzzles, and reap rewards.

Cover art by Mark Molnar for Wizards of the Coast