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LRC Member Spotlight: Anthony Reynolds

Third from the left: Anthony

Welcome to the next LRC member spotlight here on our blog. We’re pleased to introduce you to Anthony Reynolds!

Who are you?

Anthony Reynolds.

Tell us a bit about the wonderful person that you are!

A Hotmess. Some people call me Anthony. Others call me Puddle. One person called me Nathan a few times but we will skim over that.

Self proclaimed ‘Chaos-DM’ (in no way official, they have declined my numerous petitions).

Between some DMing in the LRC’s The Kantas Expanse D&D campaign, occasional forays into the groups other campaigns and generally being a nuisance on the Discord Server, I sometimes find the time for some creative exploits like drawing or photography, but lets be real, you aren’t here to read about that.

I also joined the Mod team with LRC on their Discord server so now my ramblings can even be interspersed with (what I hope are) genuinely helpful comments!

When did you join LRC?

Spring of 2019. A Tuesday… This was actually my first foray into joining a gaming group, all of my previous TTRPG experience being with a small number of close friends so it was a very daunting experience to begin with but clearly a great one since I am still here!

What is your TTRPG of choice?

D&D 5e, Mostly because it’s the system I am most familiar with. Its pretty well known enough so I think I’ll leave descriptions for someone better equipped to do so.

Tell us about your favourite LRC campaign you’re a player in

As of writing I’m only actually an active player in the Ruins of Symbaroum campaign and still GMing in the Kantas Expanse.

Both are D&D but are thoroughly different in feel and style!

Kantas as a long standing campaign has a deep set of lore and multiple DMs all contributing and world building with the players creating an exceptional experience with many different facets to explore. From session to session you get the chance to see new areas of the world, meet new players and characters and follow multiple threads and storylines to immerse yourself into the experience.

Symbaroum is a newer campaign for LRC but comes with quite an extensive background of Lore and setting that creates a gripping and tense ‘Grim-dark’ setting, very different to the Kantas expanse. There are some variations to the rules (being a port from the original system) but the players and GM’s of the campaign have put an incredible effort into homebrewing lore relevant features making it familiar but different to other D&D Campaigns.

Centre: Anthony and his Kantas character’s sentient plate companion

If you GM an LRC campaign, this is your moment to share!

So currently I only GM for the Kantas Expanse which has it’s own evolving and varied storyline. Every session can be wildly different due to the one-shot nature of it so it’s hard to narrow it down to a theme but if you like dragoning some dungeons, pushing the limits of common sense to achieve very simple tasks in increasingly convoluted ways, sinking yourself in to some serious RP to the point of feeling some genuine emotions for your fictional pretend characters and, to top it off, to do it with a bunch of people who are inclined to join in do it with you and add to the madness, this is the place for you.

THE BEST BIT – Is even if this doesn’t quite sound like you, there is so much going on your bound to find your place anyway. Everyone is generally super welcoming and considerate – We are all here to have fun, right? Ok, sales pitch over.

Do you do anything else with LRC?

As mentioned before, I also joined the Moderator Team for the LRC discord so in-between my ramblings and Cat pictures I also work with the other Mods and Admin team to help make sure everyone has a fun and enjoyable place to come hang out, play games, talk nonsense and show off obscene dice collections.

What about the hobby at large?

Not yet! But one day… maybe… if I can be bothered…

and finally, how can people find you online?

Scream into the void and promise to provide caramel. Otherwise if you want to see the extremely sporadic stuff I stick to the walls of the internet, it is here: @Puddle_88

Top centre: Anthony

Thanks, Anthony Reynolds, for sharing with us! We’ll post another LRC Member Spotlight in July.

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