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The Throne of Thorns: Whispers from Thistle Hold – Tomol Edition II

Thistle Hold is the safest harbour in a storm ridden Ambria, maybe. A town where different cultures and factions coexist in relative harmony, mostly. Residents know the truth though. The fortune hunter’s harbour is a place where death sometimes appears as a more alluring exit than the town gates. A place where your life is never worth more than the sum of your belongings. A place where rumours are constantly brewing, some of them even being true... These monthly updates are part of The Throne of Thorns open campaign.

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The month of Serliela is getting ever closer, as the snow is. At this point you might have a hard time getting your expeditions to the Forest off the ground from Thistle Hold if you have not set out already: most of the equipment for excavations has been commandeered by our Illustrious Mayor to see to the reconstruction of the town. However, official word has come from the Town Seat that rumours of an emergency tax being levied on all riches being brought back from the Forest are unfounded.

Please, those treasure-hunters camped at the far edge of the northern clearing: you can enter the gates safely, our Munificent Mayor welcomes you and your business!

If the gap in sending this new edition of Whispers to the press might have had you worried, well, it is nothing compared to the gaping chasm that has opened in the middle of our town. The details are unclear but an entire neighbourhood north-west of the Antique Plaza was swallowed by a giant sinkhole on the 3rd of Tomol. Bestial, deformed creatures then crawled their way out of the chasm and assaulted the townsfolk. At least thirty deaths and fifteen kidnappings have been reported on the day. The vast majority directly linked for the sinkhole attack. On the plus side, all outstanding bar tabs at the Fern are now closed.

Current map of Thistle Hold

As you can expect all sorts of theories have surfaced about what caused the sinkhole. Two witches on colossi appeared to be parlaying with town guards at the North Gate just minutes before the events, so unsurprisingly many point their fingers at them now. Other theories involve a coordinated attack by elves and  barbarians from Blackmoor. Finally there are some isolated voices claiming that some andriks did it out of spite. Doubts notwithstanding, many townsfolk have agreed that the usual policy of killing andriks on sight is too lenient and posse are being organised to actively go looking for them. Others think that the seasonal porter beers being now served in town have much to do with the decision.

Witches at the Gates of Thistle Hold
Witches at the Gates of Thistle Hold

Whoever the culprit for the tragedy, our Beloved Mayor has sworn justice will be done and the town re-built. The Queen’s Legate Suria Argona has been assessing the damage meticulously and promises have been made about the Queen’s support in the reconstruction. Meanwhile, the Sun Temple and the Mission House seem to be – as always – locked in a competition to do good and are helping the many wounded and survivors. The Legation has not attended a meeting called by the Priesthood on purging fires to cleanse the town of corruption in the wake of the events, but townsfolk should not read much into it, the Legation is stretched thin assessing the damages to public buildings.

Finally, for all in need of recreation, pit fights are still ongoing in town and both Bruiser and Tulga will exceptionally be on the ticket this week! Make sure to place your bets soon, they will be fighting packs of mare cats the whole week.

… but out of the untamed Wielda appeared, the power that rules: the power of willful violence, that bends here and there, that curves now and then according to ideals and cravings; that harvests the one and rejects the other. With time, Wielda’s appetite grew, and the birth was inevitable …

Thus spoke Aroaleta

Cover art by Martin Grip for Järnringen/Free League Publishing

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