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LRC Member Spotlight: Lykksie

Left: Lykksie

Welcome to the next LRC member spotlight here on our blog. We’re pleased to introduce you to Lykksie!

Who are you? Tell us a bit about the wonderful person that you are!

Lykksie – A queer, Swedish map maker, dice goblin, DM and 5e player with a weakness for himbos and big ladies with swords.

When did you join LRC? How long have you played with LRC?

I played my first ever game of D&D with LRC in March 2019 and I’ve been glued to the community ever since.

What is your TTRPG of choice? 

Nothing like a bit of D&D 5e, is there. Preferably with some combat and juicy heartbreak. The occasional one-page RPG will fall into my lap but D&D is my forever love.

Tell us about your favourite LRC campaign you’re a player in

The massive Kantas sandbox 🖤

If you GM an LRC campaign, this is your moment to share!

I run Campaign Goldenthorn for players who enjoy high-leveled combat, chaos and fun. Short installments with new players each time, set in the same universe.

Do you do anything else with LRC? Are you in one of the organisational teams that keeps LRC running?

I’m a Worldbuilder and resident map maker in the Kantas campaign, and I help welcome new GMs into the fold by gently bullying them into running a game.

What about the hobby at large?

I make maps like it’s going out of style and they’re available for download on my Ko-fi:

and finally, how can people find you online?

I’m on twitter under both @Lykksie and @mapraccoon, and on the LRC Discord server of course. Come say hi!

Thanks, Lykksie, for sharing with us! We’ll post another LRC Member Spotlight in June.

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